Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twelve - The First Night [The End]

If I hadn’t been a goner, that would have done it. Jordan Staal is my boyfriend. He was also naked but for a pair of sweatpants doing as much as an umbrella in a hurricane. I was still trembling from the feel of his mouth on my skin, the way my body couldn’t wait to give in anymore than my mind could.

“Yes,” I told him. “I’m sure.”

His mouth came back down on mine, the kiss a promise and a thank you. As if I could have stopped us now.

I stretched my arms along his side and pushed the sweatpants from his hips with my fingers. I couldn’t kiss him and reach far enough to do anything, but he took the hint and lifted himself just enough to clear away the last obstacle between us. I slid beneath, thinking this is going to be good. As my fingers wrapped around his shaft, I actually gasped.


He snickered. “Is that a good woah or a bad woah?”

“It a ‘good thing I didn’t join you in that dressing room’ woah.” I stroked him, knowing I had a smile on my face that would have made a hooker blush. Jordan closed his eyes and exhaled as my hand passed over his head and down the impossible length of him again. I smeared a drop of moisture with my hand, knowing he was almost ready.

He surprised me by looking at me seriously. “I won’t hurt you, Abby.”

“I know that, Jordan. I’m not scared of you.”

Jordan reached for the bedside table. I wondered if he kept condoms here, had brought them for this trip or borrowed from one of his brothers. He held one side of the foil packet and I tore it open, rolled it between my fingers and placed it against his smoothest skin. A flick of my rolling wrist and Jordan groaned.

I was about to lose it myself. Shifting my body against the sheets, I positioned myself under him and guided him to the spot. Our lips met as he slowly pressed himself into me.

I was soaking wet, so turned on I felt an electrical current passing through my body but still he was huge. I bit my lip as my body made space for him, taking its time getting used to his size. Jordan’s eyes watched mine for signs he should stop but I just let it happen. By the time he was in up to the hilt, I was almost used to him. I swear my eye rolled back into my head.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Incredible,” I smiled and he started to move. He was gentle and easy, making sure I meant what I’d said. We’d only have to do this part the first time - he was beyond impressive but I could handle it. Just needed a minute. He whispered to me, lips close to my ear, as he teased my body out until we were truly ready for each other.

“You feel so good, baby. So good....”

Two glorious, earth-shattering minutes of the most intense feeling I’d ever known finally subsided and Jordan began to stroke into me. I held his sides, fingers fitting into those directional muscles he’d flashed me before, and paced him. Then I began to move too, meeting him eagerly. He filled my so completely, taking every inch of space my body would give and causing total sensory overload. Like a hard workout, I knew I’d be the good kind of sore in the morning.

I wrapped my arms around his huge, wide shoulders and moved harder. He moaned softly as I bottomed him out, thrusting down onto his massive cock and making myself squeal. The edge was so close already but I desperately did not want this to end. The five days we’d waited seemed like an eternity; I was a starving woman presented with a buffet and I was not going away hungry.

“Jordan,” I whispered. His mouth came free from the delicate skin of my neck. “Let me roll over.”

He pulled out with a wet pop, both of us hissing at the loss of sensation. I flipped onto my stomach and raised my ass in the air just a little. He swatted it gently before holding me steady. I wondered if he would go slow, make us start over again.

My face mashed into the pillow as Jordan drove himself home inside my core. Thank God, because I let out a cry that was mostly buried in the fluff. He shushed me, laughing, and continued to work his way deep into my body.

I pulled his hand from my shoulder and snaked it underneath me, lifting my butt to allow him room, and showed him how to touch me. I only had to do it twice before his thick, strong fingers pushed mine away and made me gasp.

“Like that?” he said softly.

“Yes, yes,” I replied. He learned quickly. Soon his hips and hand matched pace, alternating so that my body was never being less than fine tuned. Within minutes, I was whimpering.

“Oh you do like that,” he laughed in my ear.

“Tell me what you like,” I tried, hoping to distract my body from the liquid hot magma that filled my abdomen.

Jordan ran his other hand flat up my thigh, over my ass and down my back until it pulled the hair from my face. “I like this. You and me. And I really like this.” He tweaked my clit hard, making me sob out a breath. As I trembled he moved faster, harder, legitimately fucking me; we’d passed the soak cycle, this was the spin.

I panted his name, I don’t think he heard. He was busy making me see stars. His thrusts were getting shorter, more urgent and I knew he felt like I felt. When he started grunting I figured it was okay to give in and go first.

I bucked my hips back against him, making his forward stroke push me down hard onto his hand. That was all it took. I bit the pillow, half-scream/half-sob tearing from my body as he worked me right through the orgasm. It was like ice breaking, instantly flooding and sinking and stealing all my breath. I felt rather than heard him groan as he pressed his face against my back and tried to muffle the sound with my skin. He pulsed, trapped inside me, until we dropped like a house of cards.

His big paw of a hand came up, gently moving the hair that forever fell into my face. He was like a bear holding a kitten. The image made me smile.

“Happy?” he asked.

I nodded sleepily. “Happy.”

We left in the morning with a million promises to see his parents in Raleigh and again later in the season. It felt nice knowing I would see them again, because I wanted to. Because Jordan wanted me to. It was even nicer when Jordan took my pink suitcase from the car and wheeled it right into the airport, no protest.

We got to Toronto just before the team plane landed, but since they flew privately they were a lot quicker on the ground. Jordan opened the hotel lobby door for me and I saw thirty friendly faces waiting to check in.

“Hey guys,” Max called out first. “Good Christmas?”

I already knew what would happen. Jordan let go of both suitcases, picked me up and pressed me against his long body. I kissed him before he could kiss me, making him smile against my lips. The lobby went silent in surprise for a moment as he put me down.

That good,” Jordan said.

A/N: Thanks for all your comments on this story! It was super fun to write. New one coming soon and I'll post it here. Happy holidays!


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