Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eleven - The Laundry

A/N: Adult content. Finally!

I dug out the shed faster than a snowplow in case Abby was still laying on my bed, shirt halfway up with a naughty smile on her face. No such luck - when I dashed back into the house, she was sitting at the kitchen counter scooping dough from a bowl and placing it on a cookie sheet. She had flour up to her elbows and a tiny smear of dough on her cheek. I kissed it off, pressing my cold nose to her skin.

“Jordan, put the laundry in the dryer will you? It’s yours and Abby’s, Marc and Jared’s will go next.”

The laundry room was the warmest place in the house, perfect if you were coming from outside. I scooped a handful of wet clothing from the machine and was about to drop it into the dryer when a thin blue strip caught my eye. I untangled it from the wad on the hand and came up with a pair of Abby’s underwear.

The room wasn’t big enough for me to faint so I just leaned back against the wire racks of household junk and stared at the scrap of fabric in my hand. They weren’t racy - just blue cotton with tiny white stars - but I was so keyed up that they were sexier than any lace. The sides were single blue ribbons that would stretch across the soft spot just below her hip bones, dark against her pale skin... oh my God. Honestly, you’d think I was a 14-year old boy and if I’d had a grade school binder, I’d have held it over my lap. Without daring to look at the rest of the laundry, I tossed it in and slammed the door. As it was I need a quick trip to my room before I could be seen in public again.

Cookies were baking and Abby and Marc were in the living room watching football on TV. I sat next to her and pulled her feet into my lap, rubbing her toes through her socks. She pretended to watch the game, but I kept catching her sneaking peeks in my direction. I was just staring back at her anyway. She pressed a heel gently down into my lap and I had to pick it up - or else I’d be back upstairs taking care of another problem. So I held her feet in my palms and tried to breath deeply.

My mom went all our for our last dinner. My dad got fresh cider from a farm up the road and spiked it with rum. Abby just looked at me as I piled roast beef, potatoes, squash and greens onto my plate.


“You are a bottomless pit.”

“Need to keep my energy up.” I had no particular look on my face, but Abby’s gave me a slightly raised eyebrow. What a tease. Under the table, the same sock I’d been holding earlier snuck up under the hem of my jeans and rubbed along the back of my calf.

“Abby, I hope you’ll join us in Carolina for the All-Star Game. We’re all going, no matter who makes the team,” my dad said.

Abby smiled hugely. “I would love to. Thank you! Eric must be excited, I can’t believe I forgot to ask him.”

“Uh, that’s a good thing,” Jared laughed, “ or he’d still be here talking about it.”

February. A month and a half away. My mind wandered to the number of things I could do with and to Abby in six weeks. And then while we are there...

“Jordan?” Marc said, looking like he could read my mind.

“Uhhh, what?”

“Pass the squash.”  Jackass.

Abby was putting away her clean clothes when I knocked on her door with her coat in hand. “I haven’t shown you the most amazing thing in Thunder Bay yet,” I said.

Without missing a beat, Abby replied, “I almost saw it in the dressing room today.”

God I love you, I thought as my laughter came out like a bark. I should have just shut the door and thrown her back on the pile of laundry, but I still intended to be a gentleman for at least the first five minutes of our first real time together. “Okay, the second most amazing.”

She layered up while I poured spiked cider into a thermos and grabbed an armload of extra blankets. We took the farm truck on the same drive we’d made our first time to the lake, only now it was nearly 9 PM and pitch black outside. I stopped in the same place and carried all the blankets around to the truck bed. Two went on the floor, then Abby and I climbed in and pulled the rest over us. I lay back with my arm around her and we snuggled in. Above us, at least a zillion stars were visible.

“Wow,” she said. It certainly was - the inky sky was endless and right through the middle, a cloudy white trail smeared itself behind the stars.

“That’s the boundary of the Milky Way galaxy. You see it best in the winter up here. Every so often you can even see the Northern Lights.”

“It really is perfect here.”

Two minutes of stargazing was all I’d ever intended to do. I’d gotten the idea from Abby’s underwear in the laundry - the whole idea. The stars were only the beginning and if I was lucky, underwear would be the end. I rolled onto my side and kissed her.

Finally. She kissed me back with such excitement that I was almost surprised. No teasing, no playing around - Abby opened her mouth beneath mine and showed me she wanted this as much as I did. Her tongue tasted like cider and cinnamon, her lips were soft and warm in the cutting night air. The wool front of her hunting cap was soft against my forehead.

Layers and inches of clothing separated us - also part of my plan. I wanted this to be perfect, not presumptuous; for there to be a second time I had to get the first time right. Abby wrapped her arm around my middle and I swung my leg over hers, locking us together. We lay in the bed of the truck, beneath the clear winter sky and made out like teenagers. I didn’t need winter clothing, my body was heating itself up.

“Jordan,” she finally said. I tugged at her collar, exposing just enough throat for my lips to find purchase on her skin. “You are pretty smooth.”

“And you are pretty ruthless with the teasing.”

“Awww baby, I thought you were a tough guy.” Each word came out in a little white puff of breath.

Eventually the cold started to creep beneath our blankets. I hoisted Abby from the truck and she ran into the cab to start the engine while I balled up the bedding and closed it the tailgate. Inside warmed quickly as she slid into the middle of the bench seat and I drove home with one hand on the wheel, the other around her shoulder.

She didn’t say goodnight. I heard her go to the bathroom while I was changing, then she went back to her room. I brushed my teeth before knocking on her door. “Abby?” I said softly. No answer. Behind me the door to my room opened.

“You’re blowing my cover,” she whispered. I spun to see her leaning against my door frame in the red silk slip I’d found in her bag. Her slender legs went on for miles before disappearing under a very short hem line. The v-cut top cupped her breasts, leaving her shoulders bare in the half-light of the hallway. Dark hair fell around them and she smiled the way she had that afternoon, tossed out on my bed. I must have been looking at her like I was the Big Bad Wolf. My heart did a backflip.

I was all over that. Before the door shut behind me I caught her up in my arms and kissed her with everything I had - my tongue slipped into her mouth, my hands tangled into her hair. I spread her thighs with one knee and pushed my leg against her, lifting her slightly as my hands raced down the slick fabric and over the perfect rise of her ass. When I hit bare skin I brought my palms right up under her slip, high enough to feel the lace of the panties she wore beneath. That was all I could take: I picked her up, hands cupping her bottom, and carried her right to the bed. Sh scooted under the blanket and lay back, waiting for me. I tore the shirt from my torso and dove in behind her.

The moment she was under me I knew there was no stopping us. Even in my parents house, despite the tacit agreement we’d made not to go too far, nothing short of an air raid was keeping us apart. She wrapped me in her arms and legs as I centered my weight and draped myself over her.

With one finger I pulled the thin strap of her slip down over her shoulder, tugging until I revealed the creamy white skin of her breast. The pad of my thumb was rough against her flesh, tugging slightly where I circled the blush pink nipple. I softened it with my mouth, gently rolling the nub between my lips before sucking it into my mouth, helping myself to the swell of her breast and exploring by taste. My hand warmed the other breast before my mouth took it’s place. Abby’s hands stroked my neck and back, encouraging me wordlessly.

As I worked her over, I began moving the red silk up her hip. When I cleared the top of her panties, I slid down until my lips touched the indentation of her hip. I kissed across her stomach, below her navel, and over her hip to the spot where her panties ran out and left only skin. I tracked back toward the middle, dragging my tongue lightly over her milky thigh and pressing her legs apart with my chest. She obliged, offering me her most secret parts. I drew a finger across the lace, reading it like Braille and didn’t stop until I could feel the hot, slick cleft in her body.

“Oh God,” she whispered as I slowly pressed along her slit, smelling her arousal and wanting so badly to taste her. She’d tortured me for days, surely she could handle a little herself. I tugged aside the fabric and gingerly touched the tip of my tongue to her throbbing lips.

“Jordan,” she hissed. Her hips raised themselves, offering her peach for my mouth to feast on. First my finger mapped her, marking the trail I planned to travel. When finally I touched the flat of my tongue to the swollen skin, she bucked hard against my face. “Please.”

I couldn’t drag it out. Her pussy quivered as I worked my mouth along its length, diving inside and sweeping outside until catching her clit between my lips and rolling it like a candy. She bucked again. I pulled her panties farther away and allowed myself to plumb her depths. Her sweet honey ran down my chin - she was so wet for me that I knew she’d been torturing herself too. I wanted to return the favor. Abby gasped as I pushed two long, thick fingers inside. Her pussy clenched automatically and I knew she wouldn’t last long.

“Please, baby please.”

With my tongue flicking across her clit, I bent my fingers and searched her molten core for the secret spot. She moaned softly as I brushed it. Returning to the same spot, she twisted against the sheets trying to grind herself out. I sucked her clit hard and rang her buzzer.

She sobbed wordlessly - a noise that would have been a scream were she not afraid of waking my whole family. Her chest rose and fell and I felt her body ripple where my fingers filled her up. She panted as I thrust in and out, riding the wave of her orgasm until it spent itself on the beach. I kissed her clit as I withdrew and raised my face back to hers.

“Jordan,” she said, smiling with her eyes closed. “Jordan. Wow.”

“Sorry you waited so long?”

“No,” her hair fanned across the pillow, my pillow. “You were worth it. I want you to finish what you started.”

Thank God, I thought. But I said, “Are you sure?”

There was no question in her eyes even though she asked one. “What happens when we get back to the team?”

“This, hopefully. All of this. Every day for as long as you’ll have me.”

Her kiss-swollen lips split into a smile. “Then yes, I’m sure.”


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