Thursday, December 9, 2010

Six - The Morning

I am a goner. Jordan’s mouth had been warm and strong against mine, almost as warm and strong as his body that pressed me into putty. His hair was soft between my fingers. It was short, sweet, and possibly the best kiss of my life.

I didn’t mean to jump into his lap like that. But I was so cuddly from the big dinner the way he held me during the movie. I swear I’d never been so warm or cozy. There was nothing about Jordan not to like, especially seeing him with his family. Good people come from good people. If I was ever going to date someone on the team, I needed him to be a good person.

I had to go back to my room. If I stayed two minutes with Jordan I’d stay all night and that was not the next step here. I was barely under the covers when my phone beeped a text.

Jordan: Dear Santa…

Me: I would like a pony

Jordan: and a rocket

Me: and a castle

Jordan: and another kiss.

Me: Cheaters go on the naughty list.

Jordan: I can make that list reeeeeeeeeeally long.

Me: See what Santa brings you in the morning.

It came pretty soon. Jordan busted into my room and belly flopped across the bed. I woke up with an “Oooof!” as he forced the air out of my lungs. He spun around and put his face right to mine. “Santa was here,” he smiled.

I turned my face a little, “This reindeer has morning breath.”

He flipped off the blanket and shoved me toward the bathroom. “Hurry!”

I did the morning thing as quickly as I could and found Jordan still lying across my bed. He gave me a come hither smile and some serious bedroom eyes. I shivered – if things kept going the way they were headed, very soon that look would be a reality. If he really wanted this it would be a whole different story when we weren’t under his parents’ roof. We’d be in Toronto in two days. He reached behind his back and handed me another hockey sweater – a Penguins one – to wear down to the tree.

“Either that or you can change clothes here, but I’m not leaving.”

I slapped him with the jersey and pulled it over my pajamas.

The whole family was gathering around the tree. Most of them had coffee from the gift I’d brought, which made me very happy. Jordan sat on the floor with his knees bent and I didn’t even stop to think. I sat right down between his legs and scooted back into him.

“Cruel,” he whispered, tucking his hands around my middle.

Everyone opened their gifts: electronics, hockey stuff, books, gift certificates. It was a big haul and I could tell they all really enjoyed what little family time they got during the hockey season. Linda handed me a little package wrapped in striped paper.

“This one’s for you, from Jordan.”

I twisted in his arms to see him smiling down at me. “You already got me something.”

“That was the Christmas Eve present. Not the same.”

Inside was a rectangular black velvet box. I’m sure the genuine surprise was all over my face as I opened it to find a tiny filigreed silver star on a delicate chain. It was beautiful. “Jordan!” He laughed and put a finger to my chin, pushing my mouth closed. Those huge arms wrapped around my shoulders to pull the necklace from its padding. I lifted my hair and let him fasten it behind my neck.

“It’s gorgeous. It’s… wow. Jordan.”

He kissed my temple and turned back to the tree, pretending he wasn’t blushing. His mom’s smile was a mile wide.

“My turn now,” I pulled a little package from the sleeve of my Staal jersey and held it up near Jordan’s face in a flat hand. “This is for you.”

He gave me a sideways glance and curled in close to reach. I had a front row seat to him unwrapping his gift. It was a square baby blue box that made Linda and Tanya gasp, holding silver and onyx cufflinks from Tiffany’s. Jordan laughed.

“How did you know?”

“That your cufflinks don’t match? They haven’t matched a day since I met you.”

“It was Sid’s fault – I had two pairs, he wanted to borrow one and accidentally took one of each. Then he lost them. I’ve been too lazy to get new ones; I really didn’t think anyone could tell.”

I turned as best I could into his chest. “Well I’m not just anyone.” And I kissed him.

Wahoooooooooooooooo my brain shouted like this was the big drop on the roller coaster. His fingers wove into the fabric of the jersey and held me tight. It was a little longer than the first kiss, maybe ten seconds.

“Awwwww, how cute, bleerrrrggghhhhh!” Jared made a barfing noise, and everyone laughed. Including us.

I was in the kitchen making hot chocolate when Jordan came in behind me. He towered over, almost pressed to my back as I went on like I didn’t know he was there. Finally he gave in and said, “You kissed me.”

“I’m allowed to kiss my boyfriend whenever I want.”

He leaned in close. “Well what do you want to do right now?”

“What are my options?”

He put his mouth to my ear. “We could break out that naughty list.”

I gave him a facepalm and laughed. “Three days off the ice and you’re all riled up. You’re like a puppy that doesn’t get walked enough.”

The kitchen was empty and no sound came from the house. If he kissed me now it was over – challenge off because we both lost, or won, and we’d be kissing for no one but ourselves. I wanted it badly, but I was still having fun with the game. And we had to survive another two days in his parents’ house. I had charmed them and I wasn’t going to lose that.

“Marc said something about snow-shoeing and I think you guys could all use a workout.”


  1. I love these two so much. This is a great distraction from my finals!

  2. awwwwww! so cute I love it, Jordan should catch her in her red slip thingy before they leave his house ;) lol
    Can't wait for more :D:D:D

  3. SHE KISSED HIM. I felt the need to reiterate that. I love them so much! CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!

  4. oh my word!!!!!! this is so intense!! more please

  5. "You’re like a puppy that doesn’t get walked enough.”

    Cutest line ever. Love it.