Friday, December 10, 2010

Eight - The Evening

I knew the wine was a bad idea. Every sip I took made Jordan feel larger, warmer, heavier at my side. If it were possible for the best-looking guy on Earth to get more gorgeous, this was the time. How I finished another huge dinner I will never know. Linda brought pie to the table and Jordan gave me a slice and a scoop of ice cream without asking. It was so delicious I ate in slow motion. I may have been a little theatrical about it.

“Please,” Jordan whispered. “Stop.”

“Stop what?” I looked up at him, spoon upside down in my mouth like I was licking off the silver.

“You’re killing me.”

I changed into my pajamas while the boys found something to watch on TV. When I came back, the couches were all occupied and Jordan was sitting in an oversized, overstuffed armchair with an ottoman that was almost a loveseat wide. But Jordan was oversized too, so there wasn’t really room for another person. He didn’t seem to care.

“Come here,” he said, patting the six inches left next to him. I went willingly, like a guilty woman heading to her death. This little game was getting out of control and I had a wine fog clouding my good judgment. I sat on mostly on his lap with my butt angled toward the empty space. He shifted me – spreading his legs so instead I was sitting between them, kind of across his lap with my head on his shoulder and my feet dangling over the arm. We watched a few Christmas episodes of old shows – Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Doctor Who. We were just starting a Family Guy when all of a sudden everything went dark.

“Blackout!” Everyone but me yelled at the same time. It was literally pitch black. People started moving for flashlights and candles, someone turned on their phone and used the light to navigate. In the commotion, I felt Jordan’s mouth on my neck.

My breath caught. I wondered if he’d had enough wine to feel as wobbly as I did. His lips were soft as they trailed up behind my ear, kissing their way along the skin and leaving goosebumps in their wake. I may have gasped. His arms were snug around me and even if I could have gotten up, I couldn’t see to get away. Plus I really didn’t want to go anywhere.

“Jordan,” I giggled softly.

“Is this against the rules?” he whispered, breath tickling my ear.

“It’s Max’s game, so I’m guessing there are no rules.”

“Good.” He went back to what he was doing.

I was a pile of mushy goo by the time Henry came back with a pair of candles. It seemed blackouts were pretty common and soon everyone had a flashlight and the room was bright with flickering flames. It was beautiful really, and I was warm, cozy and fairly delirious from Jordan’s kisses. By the time he’d finally stopped I was whimpering.

“Payback for tongue kissing that spoon,” he joked quietly.

I scoffed. “Not fair, you couldn’t feel that!”

“Wanna bet?”

We played a few hands of cards, me holding them up for Jordan since he never let me off his lap. Eventually we gave up and sat around talking. The boys all told hockey stories and I learned great gossip about everyone in the League. Finally it was time for everyone to go to bed so Jordan held the flashlight and led us upstairs. He put it on the bathroom counter and we stood side by side, brushing our teeth in semi-darkness. When we finished, I went first down the hall.

“Night Jordan,” I said loudly enough for Jared and Marc to hear in their rooms.

“Night baby girl.” His face was in shadow.

Ten minutes later I was under the covers, looking at the light from the moon peeking in around the curtains. What am I doing? Where is this going? I’d known Jordan for four months, now four days together and we’re acting like a couple. Or almost a couple. Those kisses in the dark had been for no one’s benefit but ours – was our lie so convincing that we had convinced ourselves? Or had we stopped lying altogether? I heard a soft knock and a tall shadow entered then climbed right into my bed. At least he wore pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

“Power goes out, heat goes out,” he said, curling around me like a really muscley electric blanket.

“Saving baby animals again?” I snuggled in against him. I wanted this, I wanted him. “Jordan, I…”

“Shhhh,” he said into my hair, one colossal arm draped over my side. “If you’re still awake in five minutes I will wake up everyone in this house having my way with you.”

I fell asleep still giggling four and half minutes later.

A/N: So short, but more soon I promise!!  Dance of joy that the online rumors of a second broken bone in Jordan's hand are false.  Whew. xxx


  1. AHHH!! I LOVE IT had a huge smile on the face the whole time I was reading it:D
    Can't wait for more... update soon :D:D:D:d

  2. ok so this story is so good! if i havent said it enough! i want my jordan under my tree when i wake up christmas morning! and im extremely happy to hear that rumor is false! more please

  3. I noticed the side bar has a new story under your one shot---called From the Morning? I clicked on it but it said Page Not Found. Is it private?

  4. So, so sweet. This is quickly becoming a favourite. Well done. :)